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We specialize in the production of special pallets, which we have been delivering to our customers in Poland, Germany, and other Western European countries for many years.

Our pallets are made from high-quality wood and tailored to various industry requirements.

We offer the opportunity for ongoing collaboration, fulfill one-time orders, and guarantee competitive prices.

We manufacture approximately 200 different types of industrial pallets. The most popular sizes include:

  • 800x1200 mm

  • 1300x2000 mm

  • 345x3950 mm

  • 400 x 600 mm

  • 600x800 mm

  • 1100x2300 mm frames

We also produce custom sizes upon request.

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We deliver our products directly to the customer's headquarters or the location specified by them. We handle deliveries using our own transportation and also offer the option of self-pickup.

We serve the entire territory of Poland and Western Europe. Global delivery is also possible depending on the order size.

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